About me

 Children's Author ~ Reading and Writing Champion ~ History Geek 

img_0157-1Hi, I'm Barford and I write children's books. The 'Pete's Time-travelling Underpants' and 'Kelsey Park Detective Agency' series to be exact.

I am on a mission to inspire children to read, write and generally be creative. Reading, writing and creativity are not just important for getting a job, but contribute to our overall mental wellbeing. Yet most of us lose this quality after early childhood. This is wrong and we must work hard to stop it happening in future generations. I also love history and believe it's as important as ever that, in an increasingly fast-changing world, children are aware of history.

So, on my website, I share ideas and information to inspire children to read, write and, just as importantly, to dream, create and learn about their world (not just its history).

I also want to inspire and help parents to take an active part in developing their children's reading and writing skills, creativity and curiosity. So, in addition to writing my books, I also provide ideas and resources to help parents to do this.

You can find out more about my books here.


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